Thursday, 23 February 2017


Hey guys!
Is it too late to wish you a happy new year?
As you can probably guess from the title of my blog, I'm introducing you to my blog AGAIN! I'm going for that New year, New me vibe? No but seriously, I know I haven't blogged in a hot minute but I do have a good reason for this. I have honestly been so busy being a full time student and basically a full time employee (working 25+ hours a week is not fun guys). But ya girl needed money.
Now that I have started my internship, I seem to have a bit more time on my hands so I have decided I think it's time I stop being lazy and pick up blogging again.
And why did I call this post another Introduction?
Well let me tell you. I am introducing you to a new and better Where The Beauty Begins. What exactly does this mean? I am determined to actually put in a bit more effort this time around. I was looking over my previous post to see what you were  interested in and it seems like my personal post and affordable makeup products I wrote a while ago gained a lot of attention, so I am going to be doing a mixture of both (Not 100% sure yet). Also if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to write about, you can always hit me up!

I am not going to lie, but I am a bit nervous to be doing this again so please be patient with me.
See you soon,


  1. Absolutely love this blog!! It's one of my favourites ❤️❤️❤️